Bernard Everson

Based in Brooklyn NY, I began developing for mobile with the introduction of the App Store in 2008, and started professionally developing applications in 2009. Since then, I have contributed to the development and deployment of a number of iOS projects, either as part of a team or as a solo developer.

Academic Interests 

Im currently pursuing a PhD in Physics from the City College of New York in the lab of Dr. Ronald L Koder. I'm focusing on developing new methods in biological design, and re-engineering existing biological macromolecules for novel purposes. 

Scientific Programming

My academic work involves both wet-lab and computational techniques. At my github page, you can check out some of my computational work. In particular, check out a project collecting statistics on immunogenic regions of proteins, and a project to generate protein sequences for a given string of structural elements


When I'm not coding or working in the lab I love to play basketball, play guitar, cook, and brew beer at home. Find out more about my home brewing adventures on my blog.


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